Power your business

using innovative and sustainable solar power solutions with PAVI Green

Vistamall Cabanatuan

Build your business sustainability through strategic investments in innovative solar power solutions. Go green, make a sustainable choice with PAVI Green!

Save on Operational Expenditures

Make the transition to solar energy and experience substantial reductions in your electricity expenses.

Achieve energy independence

Investing in solar power ensures your business a resilient and dependable source of electricity, even in times of crisis.


Tier 1 solar panels and inverters of superior quality.

25-year performance guarantee for solar panels.

12-year product warranty for solar panels.

12-year microinverter warranty for <=30 kW

10-year string inverter warranty for >30 kW system

Quick installation process that follows local and international standards.

High quality workmanship PCAB AAAA licensed contractor – MGS Construction, Inc.